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The world is becoming an ever more complex place. The business environment is changing more and more quickly. Organisations have to adapt if they are to survive and prosper. At the same time, they have to recognise the legitimate interests of a wider range of stakeholders and customers who wish their views to be considered.

Increasingly, commercial and government organisations take a total systems view of their activities. They change structure and institutions to suit. They "re-engineer" themselves so that their processes support their objectives.

These new arrangements are reinforced by performance measurement aimed at achieving specific business outcomes. Performance results are becoming visible to owners and to customers. Accountability is increasing for all aspects of performance, not just financial.

New approaches are required to deal with this complexity. They need to take advantage of available information to find sustainable solutions. For complex situations, there are many possible solutions and complicated inter-dependencies.

Icon's approach is flexible, analytic and pragmatic and is suitable for a wide range of complex situations. Where appropriate we use structured methodologies to provide insights into complexity and help to manage it. These are enhanced by our wide experience of the commercial and public sectors. The result is a representation of the complexity, which is easy to understand, and which is shared with people in the organisation. Our aim is to enhance business performance.

Sometimes it helps to take a fresh view of the world. Icon can make that view more manageable and use it to develop a valuable business solution.


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