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In this issue we are delighted to report on some new aviation contracts, a number of them dealing with business cases, and the outcome of earlier work that has been published.

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Public Opinion on Air Traffic Management

The report has now been published.
This was an interesting piece of work that demonstrates that the air traffic management industry is largely unaware of how the public thinks about it. Some might say that aircraft operators are the clients for ATM and public perception is not an issue. However, much of the industry is still in the public sector and depends on Governments for investment funding. Politicians are particularly moved by public opinion and are likely to respond more positively in favour of ATM if public opinion is supportive.
Another interesting feature was that the survey found only one published report on the public's perception of aviation security. We expected to find more. Maybe one of our readers can throw more light on this topic?
In parallel with our report there was a review of ATM in the European press. Although constrained in scope, its findings demonstrated limited, national, coverage of ATM in its own right and an emphasis on failings rather than the positive aspects. Whereas the industry internally is technically driven, there is very little coverage in the press of technology.
The overall picture is of an introspective industry that is perceived as an enabler for the more glamorous airline businesses. This may not be a surprising conclusion, but it may help to explain why it is so difficult to gain political support for the necessary changes in the industry.

Safety Culture
Aviation safety is a continuing challenge that has to be understood if new technology is to be introduced successfully. We are working with HRA to identify the nature of safety culture in ATM with a view to informing future developments.
Once again it is surprising that so little specific work has been done on the subject. Aviation is strong on safety management systems, safety cases and resource management but ATM in particular takes its safety culture for granted. In terms of its safety track-record the industry can hardly be criticised. However, if in the future the introduction of new tools and procedures changes the role of the controller or the nature of the work, we will have to be sure that we do not destroy the underlying safety culture. The first step is to understand the characteristics of safety culture, which is the purpose of the current work. More details can be found here.

ATM Business Cases
Business cases for the major ATM programme developments are complicated affairs that impact upon a great number of stakeholders. Icon has been engaged to work with EEC Bretigny on some focussed work that will contribute to the business cases for C_ATM and SEAP.
C_ATM is an industry-wide initiative that intends to define the medium-term future ATM system and to carry out a series of trials to validate its implementation. SEAP is part of the introduction of datalink technologies to the Mediterranean area.
We are helping to define common methodologies for the cost-benefit analyses and then to carry out modelling using EEC tools in order to substantiate the levels of benefits to be achieved.
We welcome this opportunity as, in our opinion, it addresses a number of the current difficulties with cost-benefit analyses and business cases. For instance:
- It becomes possible to establish common sets of assumptions and metrics and therefore a basis for comparing results
- Generally more work needs to be done on validating the value of benefits and particularly on the network effects of changes
- It provides a basis for benefit management and for prioritising design features and implementation timetables both within a single project and across the system.
We expect these advantages to become ever more important as programmes focus on achieving the Single European Sky.

Update on Other Activities

Tracking tool

Icon has developed a simple and adaptable software tool, which provides our Clients with a higher level of assurance when it comes to data, change control and process integrity.
Utilising the database functionality of MS Access, the tool helps to provide a formal structure to corporate data and information in relation to the organisation. It records links, relationships and dependencies between this information and is, therefore, extremely useful in highlighting where the data and information resides in a hierarchy. For example, one of our clients in the Rail Industry has used the tool to link its Policies, Standards, Procedures, Work Instructions, Guidance Notes and Specifications.
In addition, the data and information structure can be baselined which enables changes to be tracked, including who made the changes, date, time and the actual change.
In this capacity, the tool provides traceability and a robust audit trail. It is particularly useful in supporting a formal change control process where visibility is required of what has been added, amended or deleted and the impact of these changes.
The tool has also been used in undertaking Stakeholder Analyses. Various people, groups, departments and organisations can be associated with their views and the relationships between each can be recorded.

Meteorological Costs
Our consultants have been involved in the Performance Review Commission Report on Aeronautical Meteorological Costs, which has now been published.

Intelligent Infrastructure
UK Government has just started a Foresight Programme review of Intelligent Infrastructure and Icon was invited to attend the scoping workshop. We are looking forward to participating in this work and extending our thinking and our horizons over the next few months.

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