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In recent years some major changes have occurred in the organisation of airlines. These changes include privatisation, national and multi-national mergers, global alliances, and new concepts in the provision of air transport such as "no-frills" services. This has been taking place in the context of increasingly intense global competition and a growing demand for air transport.

The changes give rise to a number of flight deck related human factors issues which might potentially be detrimental to safety.

Icon Consulting, in partnership with airline and human factors experts, has completed a study into the nature and extent of the human factors related risks to safety introduced by the mixing of flight crew as a consequence of airline organisational changes.
Much of the material used in the study has been obtained from interviews with pilots, airline management and safety regulators from a broad cross section of the European aviation industry.

The final report on this research was published in August 2001. Please click here to view the Final Report. If required, an Executive Summary , which is included in the full report, can be viewed separately.

Both these reports are in pdf file format and, if required, an Adobe Acrobat reader can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.


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