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Performance measurement system for a complete industry
Icon prepared a top-level structure of key performance areas and associated performance indicators to measure the performance of Air Traffic Management in Europe.

Innovation review for Department for Transport

Icon was invited to review the Department's approach to innovation and the range of innovative activities being contributed to by the Department. This was achieved by identifying the characteristics of innovative activity and preparing a series of case studies to demonstrate how those characteristics are being fulfilled. The case studies covered activity in all modes of transport and transport infrastructure. Thus they ranged from the Department's approach to supporting the development of satellite navigation on a European level to specific projects to support the performance improvement of motorways.

Workshop for EUROCONTROL on Interoperability Regulation
A key requirement for the future of European Air Traffic Management is to improve its ability to operate seamlessly through all its systems and across all geographical areas. The European Commission has drafted the Interoperability Regulation to provide the structure within which this can be achieved. It is envisaged that EUROCONTROL will provide the Implementing Rules that will govern the operational side of the industry. Icon prepared and ran a workshop to develop a common understanding of the scope of the Regulation, its implications and how it might be implemented.

Business Case for major work programme

Icon has develped an assessment framework that provides a structured method for assessing the costs and benefits for a group of stakeholders of implementing one or more elements of a major work programme at a local level, a country level and the European level.  The framework has been applied in preparing a business case for the Airport Operations Programme at EUROCONTROL. Click here to see the business case report.

Strategy optimisation for a major multi-national
Icon produced and optimised a water management and generation strategy for a major provider and user of hydroelectric power.

Telematics opportunities study for the European Commission
As part of the move towards an integrated European transport system, Icon demonstrated the value that the whole aviation industry could obtain from the use of telematics and other technologies. Click here for more details.

Business strategy for a major research organisation
When a government research organisation wanted to become more commercial, Icon helped it define its strategy and then prepare and implement new commercial, marketing and management procedures.

Relocation planning for a major investment bank
Icon consultants helped a major investment bank co-locate its equity businesses, including negotiation of property leases and managing the fit-out and subsequent relocation.

Programme management of a major research and implementation programme
Icon provided programme management support to the international research and implementation programme for the provision of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) for Europe. This included the setting and monitoring of budgets and tendering and monitoring contributing projects.

Efficiency review for a UK Government Agency
Icon carried out a review of a directorate within the Government Agency to determine if its required role was being fulfilled and to investigate if it was providing value for money.

Company policy for a major rail company
Icon prepared an initial framework for company policies and then developed a complete set of policies that were accepted by the Board. We then prepared corporate level standards.

Railway possession management
Icon reviewed the process for track possession management to identify best practice and the requirements for achieving a safe and effective approach.

Review of air traffic forecasting systems
Icon carried out reviews of the forecasting requirement, the methodology used, and the processes involved in preparing the forecasts for two European forecasting units.

Performance indicators to measure airport airside performance
Icon prepared a comprehensive set of performance indicators to measure the performance of airport airside operations. We also identified the interactions between each of the factors that affect performance. Click here for more details.

Safety data survey
Icon undertook a survey of the readiness and willingness of European air navigation service providers to exchange safety data with each other.

Human factors affects from airline globalisation
Icon led a multi-disciplinary team carrying out research for the European Joint Aviation Authorities to investigate the flight deck related human factors issues arising from airline mergers and globalisation. The study report has been placed in the public domain.

Strategic manpower planning system
Icon used system dynamics to identify, explore and gain insight into the issues relating to ensuring that the right number of a large group of highly skilled individuals are trained and employed. This work resulted in a decision-making support tool that is cutting-edge in both its technology and its approach.

Cost benefit analysis of recruitment and selection
Icon developed a methodological framework which can be used by any air traffic services provider to evaluate the costs and benefits of improving the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process for air traffic controllers. Click here for more details.

Management of a major European R&D information project
Icon is currently leading a five-year, multi-million Euro development project that is providing a web-based public information service supporting the co-ordination and management of Air Traffic Management Research and Development programmes. The project also involves integration of the information service with on-going developments of common internationally accepted methods for the management and execution of R&D activities in order to maximise the comparability and use of R&D findings in validating strategic initiatives. Click here to view the information service.

Business continuity planning for a major European international airport
The airport was being privatised and needed to demonstrate stability and robustness of its operations, combined with strategic potential to prospective buyers. Icon advised and assisted in developing Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) covering all the operational processes and including the facilitation of liaison and working relationships with key state and commercial stakeholders and suppliers, and the creation of a purpose built crisis management centre.

Industry cost-benefit study
Icon led the project to prepare an overall cost-benefit analysis of European Air Traffic Management. This seminal study set a framework within which other, more specific cost-benefit assessments are carried out. The study report has been placed in the public domain.


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