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Enterprises need to align their business operations to a strategic direction that is appropriate to the context and environment in which the enterprise operates. They identify a number of strategic and operational objectives to improve their business performance. Typically, the objectives result in concurrent business improvement projects affecting many areas of the enterprise. The projects may overlap, in terms of the organisation units, functional areas and business processes affected. They may also overlap in their contribution to meeting the objectives and will often deliver benefits over different timeframes.



Our approach

To enable an enterprise to 'close the loop' and ensure that its activities are aligned with business strategy and the prevailing business environment, Icon provides a range of services including:

  • Context analysis of the external and internal business environments
  • Market assessment
  • Analysis and refinement of policy, strategy and objectives
  • Enterprise modelling
  • Scenario development
  • Operational concepts for service delivery
  • Identification of a portfolio of business improvement initiatives and their enablers
  • Establishment of quantified performance targets and performance indicators within a performance management regime
  • Option assessment, prioritisation and risk analysis
  • Definition of R&D needs
  • Process modelling and design
  • Inventories of current skills and resources and identification of future needs
  • Development of an overall transition strategy and roadmap for business alignment

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