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To survive in an ever-changing world, an organisation has to constantly improve its performance to meet, and hopefully surpass, the expectation of its stakeholders. These may be customers, shareholders or employees. They also include those who may be indirectly affected by the product or service that is being supplied. For example, environmental impact may also be an important performance consideration.

Each group of stakeholders has a different set of requirements from the organisation. Tensions arise when trying to satisfy the interests of all stakeholders since improving performance for one might be to the detriment of another.

Our approach

Icon has developed two approaches to designing performance measurement systems. The first is suitable for measuring performance at the strategic level; the second for measuring performance at the tactical level.

Our clients

Icon has developed performance measurement systems in a number of industries including European Air Traffic Management, manufacturing, defence, and healthcare (hospitals). As a consequence, we have an excellent understanding of the processes that can be used to set industry-wide and organisation specific performance measures. Where necessary we have participated in consultation exercises to ensure that diverse interests are represented in the performance measurement system implemented.


Icon has provided a comprehensive lecture on Performance Measurement in Air Traffic Management for the Cranfield University MSc in Air Transport Management and Engineering. We can make this lecture available to other academic institutions and commercial organisations by arrangement.


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