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At Icon, we have developed a distinct approach that allows us expose and deal explicitly with all the complexities in an organisation while keeping sight of the 'big picture'. We have used this approach in a number of situations to solve a variety of problems for clients. Its specific benefits are in the management of complexity to enhance enterprise performance.

We call our approach Enterprise Performance in Context, or epic for short.

The epic approach utilises three linked models:

  • an Enterprise Model that analyses the enterprise in relation to its external business context
  • an Assessment Model that addresses the options for, and consequences of, change
  • a Delivery Model that deals with the change programmes and initiatives that are needed to keep the enterprise optimally aligned with its business environment

Despite the fact that local terminology varies from one organisation to another, we find that there are many types of information that are relevant to most enterprises. The generic elements of epic are therefore pre-configured to handle these items with minimal customisation. The diagram below illustrates how the elements (shown as triangles) may be grouped so that one set produces a model of the enterprise within the overall context, the next set provides the assessments and acts as a bridge across to the third set that produces a model of the delivery programme.


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