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Value Impact Assessment, or via for short, is a flexible, scaleable methodology that has been developed by Icon to satisfy a variety of business and systems evaluation needs. It is based on many years' experience of using standard and custom techniques.

via is suitable for structured quantitative assessment of:

  • industries and markets
  • complex infrastructures
  • investment options and priorities at all levels (industry, enterprise, programme, project)
  • change in services, products, systems, hardware, software and human resources
  • business performance and benchmarking

Key requirements for these types of assessments, which are met by via, include:

  • appreciation of the full context of the evaluation
  • the ability to handle uncertainty
  • full traceability of reasoning and results
  • comparison of different options and scenarios analysis of dependencies and timescale effects
  • handling of direct, indirect and induced cost and benefit values
  • processing of intangible and qualitative variables
  • flexibility to accommodate user-preferred calculation methods and presentation of results

via provides a structured, 3-stage modular approach and uses a selection of techniques appropriate to the specific assessment exercise. Some are core techniques, which we invariably use. Others are more specialised techniques, which are used when needed. This modular approach gives via its versatility and power.


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